How to Add More Vitamin D into Your Diet

November 27, 2018

Vitamin D is a unique vitamin that can be gained in several ways, and its benefits are essential to good health and avoiding some dangerous diseases/conditions. With vitamin D, mental health conditions are much less likely, the body’s metabolism can function much better which reduced weight gain. The list of benefits goes on to reduce the likeliness heart disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis, so it’s important to get vitamin D into your diet.

Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is easy to add into most diets, it’s included in a lot of foods which likely won’t change your diet much the average person should be in taking 600 Internal Units (IU) per day. Prime sources include:

Eggs – egg yolks are an excellent source of vitamin D, with only 70 calories in an egg they also offer an excellent source of protein and lutein. An egg is around 40 IU for your daily intake of vitamin D.

Dairy – Products like milk and cheese aren’t naturally an excellent source of vitamin D, but they help to fortify the vitamin D when being produced. A glass of milk actually works out to be around 125IU of vitamin D and is also a good source of calcium, potassium and protein.

Fatty fish – Oily fishes offer a very high source of vitamin D, fishes such as trout, halibut and salmon are popular choices and can offer 300+ IU in one meal.

Cereal – bare in mind that your cereal will need to be whole grain and low in added sugar for this to be a good source of vitamin D. it’s an excellent source as it offers around 100IU and then you will combine it with milk for an even bigger intake.

All are very common products that are already in most people diets, but if you find you have particular dietary needs, there are a lot of health supplements you can to make up for any lack of.

Other Sources

Many people know the sunlight is a source of vitamin D, however, it’s benefits are different to dietary vitamin D. Your body naturally makes vitamin D in response to contact with sunlight, which boosts natural health, bone strength and heightens weight loss probiotic tablets can also be taken if you think that your diet lacks in specific areas, speaking to a health professional can always help with identifying any areas of the body is deficient in.