How to Choose the Right Medical Dispensary

March 19, 2019

Finding the right medical dispensary is important so you can get the right prescription for your condition. Here are tips in finding the ideal dispensary.

If you are a new patient, you are likely to experience different challenges in your quest to acquire appropriate medical marijuana. The cannabis products are available in different forms including edibles, tinctures, sprays, pills, balms, and vaporizer cartridges. It is, therefore, essential that your choice of medical dispensary in Tulsa be credible, so you can get a prescription that will work well for your condition. To pick one, here are some factors to consider.

Facility Standards

When researching and examining dispensaries, consider their health standards. Ensure that the products you will be using are handled in a safe environment during the production process and storage. Their sourcing process should also be outright. Find out how they handle the different stages of the process starting from growing and sourcing to packaging.

They should also meet government specifications and have clear records of their certification. When you opt for a dispensary that has its records in order and whose processing is safe, you will be assured that the product you are acquiring and the services they are rendering are for your best interest.

Product Quality

Once purchased, you cannot return marijuana products. This makes it necessary to ensure that you get value for your money even before you make a purchase. The quality of the products has a lot to do with how well the clinic follows laid down requirements and meets the standards set by the regulatory authority.

Doing comprehensive research on the same should direct you in the right direction. You can find out online about the reputation of the given clinic and their products. There are sites dedicated to this, which will offer information on the different strains available. Also, online reviews can help you make the right decision.


Since this is something you will probably need regularly, it is essential that your medication from a convenient location. Consider proximity and settle for a dispensary that is easily accessible, but one that meets your needs too. You may also go for those that offer delivery service if you find it more convenient. Once you settle on products you want to use regularly, there are service providers who will be willing to bring them to your doorstep.

Staff Professionalism

When getting your prescription, you want to work with attendants who are friendly yet professional. This way, you will trust them and be confident when enquiring about the available dosages and strains, while exploring the available selection of products.

Available Variety

Cannabis is available in different forms. Once you consult your doctor, they will advise you on selecting the most appropriate treatment method. This should suit your medical needs. Explore the different forms so you can identify what works best. This will only be possible if the dispensary is not limited to certain varieties. Since most dispensaries have employees who are willing to answer your questions, take advantage of this to explore the different cannabis varieties available.

Getting certification to use medical marijuana is not the only thing you need for effective treatment. Due diligence is essential if this form of treatment is to become reliable and help you in controlling your health issues. Do not just trust a facility blindly, go beyond this so you can identify one that meets both your medical and personal needs while keeping the condition you want to treat in mind.